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For the man that you are


Magoo.Jewelry.Global on INSTAGRAM ♥

Jewellery and accessories for men in contemporary style, with classic look. The collections combine different materials, such as textiles, various textures and inspirations from other worlds. Each and every piece is unique and hand-made, and is created out of a variety of materials, including brass, silver and stainless steel, leather and faux leather materials. Allow 7-10 days to deliver.

Chain Necklaces Here
Chain Chokers Here
Chain Bracelets Here
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black braided cuff W brass anchor bead 1
stainless steal signet ring 3
black 3string cuff bracelet 1
big links silver choker 4
black knot lether bracelet 1
black bead SS chain necklace 6
black braided wrap w whale tale bracelet
skull SS ring 3
chain w leatter bead bracelet 2
skull SS ring 2
stainless steal signet ring 1a
black Staeinless Steel pencher bracelet1
double link chain bracelet 3
chain w leatter bead bracelet 3X
golden wheat chain bracelet 2
Black & silver big link gormet choker 1.
IMG_1281 copy
big links silver choker 1
black leather wrap w silver anchor 1
two style silver chain necklace 1
black bead SS chain necklace 1
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